Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Beltone has been helping the world hear better for over 70 years. Take a trip down memory lane with us and experience the service Beltone has offered over that time…

Dear Beltone,
After a recent hearing test, the results indicated a loss of both the high and low frequency range. I was sure the results were similar to the results of the test of a few years ago, but I could hear ok. The Beltone specialist then convinced me to try the Digital Hearing Aids. After a few adjustments were made on these easy to insert, almost invisible hearing aids, a new hearing experience was realized. The very first difference I noted was the change in my own voice, as well as considerable reduction of tinnitus.

Further explanation and information resulted in setting up a trial over the weekend. It was amazing to hear things that I know I have not heard in many years. Outside the birds were making a lot more noise than usual and many sounds were audible to me.

A meeting on Saturday night and church on Sunday emphasized the ability to be able to hear clearly even with background clutter in a crowded area. Needless to say this trial period convinced me that there was a lot I was missing. Even with the expense of the Beltone Digitals, I feel that the improved hearing is certainly worth it.

Hearing is believe and there was no pressure applied to buy, but the trial period did the job of selling! I have even recommended to several people the benefits that may be available with Beltone hearing aids.

Thank you,


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