Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Beltone has been helping the world hear better for over 70 years. Take a trip down memory lane with us and experience the service Beltone has offered over that time…

Dear Mr. Andreozzi,

I’m writing this letter to compliment you and thank you not only for your product but especially for the customer service I have been receiving. But it goes way beyond that, let me explain.

About 10 years ago, recognizing my hearing loss (and not wanted to be like my father saying “huh” all the time) I asked around and got a doctor and audiologist recommended to me. They verified the loss and outfitted me with the “top of the line” hearing aids, which ended up like plugs in my ears. They were supposed to amplify, filter, thus allowing me to hear conversations in restaurants, etc. All they did was amplify! When I would go back and inform them of the difficulties I was having in one situation or another, I would often get the response, “you know hearing aids are not an exact science”. With the amount of money I spent (my inheritance from my father) I was really upset. Never mind the batteries, which one lasted 2-3 days, cost me $45/month – which, by the way, they never informed me of up front. I stopped wearing them after about 5 years – it had gotten too frustrating.

The hearing loss was getting worse and I HAD to do something. I read the ad in the local paper about a free screening, ear buds, free batteries for 3 years, etc. and decided I needed to give it a shot. The closet Beltone center was in Manchester, so I called and that visit changed my life. The specialist, Nancy, was so thorough and kind during the hearing test, she put me at ease immediately (and  I can say I was very uneasy when I walked in!). The entire process has been painless, informative and successful – from the receptionist Sandy, who is so warm and friendly to the specialist who is the most informative, professional personal I have ever met. No matter what problem or difficulties I would have, and there were a few, Nancy listened, waiting for me to add more (a rare thing these days!), and would then explain, readjust, make changes or agree we keep tabs on whatever the issue for future follow-up. No matter what, Nancy made me feel like she was there to make everything perfect for me.

Well, I have had the hearing aids, Beltone True Model, for about a year now and have never been happier. I also have the remote and the Direct Line for the TV (which my kids think is the best invention of all time!). I no longer hear my kids say “hey Mom, I was talking to you” – frustrating – or miss out on a conversation with my grandsons – unacceptable!

I saw Sandy and Nancy this morning and again was so thrilled with the complete attention to detail, making me feel like I was their only customer. I just had to write to let you know much I appreciate them and let you know what great representatives you have for your company. I have learned from experience that the product is only as good as the representatives who administer it, and you have two of the best!


Patricia V.

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