Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beltone Introduces New Generation of Blue-Tooth-Compatible Hearing Aids At 70th Annual Dealer Meeting

First Direct-to-Instrument Wireless Connection Enhances Home Entertainment

ChicagoChicago-based Beltone Electronics announced the introduction of the Beltone True™, a new generation of virtually invisible hearing instruments that wirelessly receive sound directly from TV, cell/home phone, stereo, PC and iPod, via a 2.4 GHz signal. The announcement took place at Beltone’s 70th Annual Dealer Meeting in Chicago.

According to Beltone, the True will allow users to comfortably converse with those nearby while still listening to music or watching their favorite TV program. The new “True” also offers
excellent sound quality while completely eliminating embarrassing the high-pitched whistling of past hearing aids 

“The virtually invisible Beltone True allows hearing impaired users to watch TV, listen to music or talk on the phone with unmatched clarity and without the fear of the annoying buzzing or whistling they’ve experienced in the past,” says Steve Hannibal, vice president of Beltone Brand. “We asked people with hearing impairments about the situations that were most demanding on their hearing. The input we received led to the development of the Beltone True. No other hearing aid this small can offer this kind of power, superior performance and freedom – in virtually any environment.”

Beltone True’s wireless innovation lies in a new integrated circuit. Twice as fast and with four times as much memory as previous Beltone hearing instruments, the circuit enables wireless connections to be made to other devices without audible delay. A remote control offers users the ability to independently adjust each hearing aid’s volume and sound quality. Beltone True’s innovative benefits include the following:
  • Direct TV Link - Direct 2.4 GHz wireless connection to a television, stereo or computer allows the listener to enjoy entertainment with others comfortably, at a volume that is right for everyone. This enables the individual to hear the television or stereo while also participating in conversation in the room.
  • Direct Phone Link – The direct link accessories give wearers broad sound and program customization, and allow direct connection to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. Once the phone rings (also heard through the True), the call is transmitted to both ears. A clip attached to the user’s clothing picks up his/her end of the conversation, allowing the cell phone to remain in a bag or pocket during the call.
  • Solus Pro Fitting Option – The industry’s first truly wireless fitting software frees users from the need to use programming cords and fitting “medallions.”
  • HPF80 NanoBlock Protection – An invisible, highly durable protective coating that safeguards sensitive circuitry and delicate components inside and out, protecting the True from moisture, dirt, temperature/humidity fluctuations, earwax and skin oils. With HPF90 NanoBlock coating, moisture beads off and particulates can be easily wiped away, reducing maintenance and increasing instrument longevity.
  • Auto-Phone – The True’s Auto-Phone feature automatically turns on when the phone comes near the ear.
  • Feedback Eraser – Automatically eliminates the uncomfortable and embarrassing ringing that feedback can cause in the ear. This feature is tailored to meet the individual’s hearing needs, providing the best possible feedback-free hearing and distortion reduction.
  • Spatial Directionality – Helps the wearer prioritize sounds in noisy and/or busy environments using proprietary band-splitting methodology and a unique sound classification system.
  • Speech Spotter Pro – Beltone’s newest technology automatically distinguishes between speech and noise, allowing users to more easily follow conversations in noisy places such as restaurants.
For more information, please visit www.beltone.com or the Beltone Web Channel on Audiology Online.

About Beltone Electronics

Founded in 1940, Chicago-based Beltone Electronics is part of the GN Hearing Care Group, utilizing advanced technology to produce hearing instruments sold in the United States, Canada and over 40 countries worldwide. In addition to providing outstanding service and support for its U.S. hearing care network operating in over 1,500 offices in North America, Beltone remains the most trusted brand for quality products and care among its patients and adults aged 50 and older.

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