Friday, August 12, 2011

Perfect Heat & Humidity HPF80 NanoBlock

HPF80 NanoBlock is a protective polymer film coating that is about 1/1000 the thickness of an average human hair. How can something so nanoscopic provide so much protection? It’s all in the way the coating is applied and how it adheres to the surface material. When HPF80 NanoBlock is applied, it forms a molecular bond with the host material so while very thin, it is also very strong. In a nutshell, nano coating changes the surface properties of the host material in a way that causes liquids to bead up and either roll off or be removed easily. The following visual shows how water beads up on a nano coated surface more than water on a non-coated surface. Without nano coating – or HPF80 NanoBlock – the water spreads out across the surface. Check out our examples below: The aid on the left is NOT nano-coated, while the aid on the Right IS nano-coated. You can clearly see a visual difference in the color of the shell.

The beauty of HPF80 NanoBlock is that it is undetectable to the eye and to the touch. However, while this coating is only nanometers thick, it provides protection even in the harshest conditions. To verify the hardiness of HPF80 NanoBlock,
coated and non-coated devices were put through a rigorous set of tests that exposed the hearing instruments to potentially damaging enviornmental elements. To illustrate how well HPF80 NanoBlock protects your hearing instruments, all you have to do is take a look at the test result photos below.

All Beltone TRUE, REACH, IDENTITY, CHANGE BTE and RIE hearing instruments are coated with HPF80 NanoBlock protection. To learn more about these models and all of our NEW technology, call 1-800-925-HEAR for your FREE Hearing Evaluations and consultation, where a Licesned Beltone professional can continue to explain our NanoBlock technology, our new hearing insturment technology, and also our Trade-Up, Trade-In Program, which may allow you to trade in your older technology and receive a credit toward the purchase of a set of hearing instruments that does have the HPF80 NanoBlock coating. We accept all makes & models!! Give us a call today!

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